ELECTRA Autorouter

Adaptive Shape-Based Automation Software Version 7.xx

ELECTRA is a new generation of Shape-Based Autorouting software for PC boards. ELECTRA uses a multi-pass cost-based conflict reduction algorithm to find a routing solution adapting to the natural flow of the nets. Adaptive routing algorithm is the only proven approach to reach high completion rate. ELECTRA gives immediate feedback on the routing progress and conflict reduction rate.

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  • Guided AutoRouting read tutorial
  • Combined Shape Based and Pattern autorouting
  • Handles complex PCB designs with timing conditions such as min/max length, match length and differential pair constraints
  • CAD plug-in using SPECCTRA DSN format
  • Reasonable cost of ownership
ECONOMY EDITIONS Maximum Pins and Signals layers Price
DEMO(non-commercial) 250 pins, 4 signal layers FREE
LITE 1000 pins, 2 signal layers 295 €
BASE 1200 pins, 4 signal layers 395 €
STANDARD 2000 pins, 6 signal layers 595 €
EXTENDED 2000 pins, 256 signal layers 795 €
PROFESSIONAL EDITIONS Maximum Pins and Signals layers Price
PRO-2L Unlimited pins, 2 signal layers 495 €
PRO-4L Unlimited pins, 4 signal layers 695 €
PRO-6L Unlimited pins, 6 signal layers 995 €
PRO-UL Unlimited pins, 256 signal layers 1495 €
PRO-FUL(Floating license) Unlimited pins, 256 signal layers 1995 €
PRO layers upgrade
UPRO_2L_4L 2L to 4L upgrade 200 €
UPRO_4L_6L 4L to 6L upgrade 300 €
UPRO_6L_UL 6L to UL upgrade 500 €
Any configaration upgrade(for licensed version) such as 2L to 4L is available by paying the price difference only
Main New Features since version 1,2
  • Improvement to Shape-based Routing Engine and addition of Pattern Routing providing fast initial routing and 20% less vias in the final results
  • Automatic definition and Routing of Differential Pairs
  • Automatic Lengthening to reach minimum length
  • Constraint Editing with ease
  • Wiring and Clearance rule by layer, net classes and inter-classes
  • Via and use_layer rule by net class
  • Added Area Rules
  • AutoRouting by polygonal fence
  • Real-time Verification of length rules during autorouting
  • Enhanced long diagonal recornering
  • New GUI environment, various object panels, shadow mode and reporting to improve routability analysis
Version2,3,4,5 - to v6.xx upgrade Maximum Pins and Signals layers Price
v5.xx license holders are entitled to free upgrate to v6 FREE
V2U_PRO-2L Unlimited pins, 2 signal layers 95 €
V2U_PRO-4L Unlimited pins, 4 signal layers 145 €
V2U_PRO-UL Unlimited pins, 256 signal layers 395 €
V2F4_PRO-F4L Floating, Unlimited pins, 4 signal layers 495 €
V2FUL_PRO-FUL Floating UL to Unlimited pins, 256 signal layers 745 €
Version1 - to v6.xx upgrade Maximum Pins and Signals layers Price
V1U_PRO-2L Unlimited pins, 2 signal layers 145 €
V1U_PRO-4L Unlimited pins, 4 signal layers 195 €
V1U_PRO-6L Unlimited pins, 6 signal layers 245 €
V1U_PRO-UL Floating, Unlimited pins, 256 signal layers 495 €

History of Changes

*Bug fix for match length across many net classes
*Improved constraints DO file generator

Differential pair autorouter to support pre-fanout
*Improved length matching accuracy

*Added switch to fanout in zigzag pattern
*Added tune command to autoadjust in-place routed matched/min length nets
*Added switch to enable/diable diff pairs routing to route as single nets
*Added swith to protect/unportect command to protect diff pairs only
*Added switch to write routes by type (protect | unprotect | select)
*Improved net length reporting

*Added control to write routes on selected net onIy, protected or unprotected only

*Improved handling of fat wires and large clearances during AR

*Further tuning of AR convergence
*Violation display follows the layer visibilty
*Improved display of locked nets

*Improved convergence for very high density designs
*Fix for ripped up protected wires in Eagle flow
*Added command arguments to protect/lock

*New Advanced Routing Strategy script

*New command to add polygonal keepout from DO file
*Updates based on full regression tests, adjustment of crossing cost schedule
*Wrong UM resolution on routes files for TargetPCB
*Misc bug fixes

*Interactive Add/Delete keepout command
*Ignore Richtext when pasting into TCL console
*Support variable width rule per fromto (current distribution)
*Improved Polliwog integration

Parsing of RTE file to handle AutoCAD-EPD naming style
*Right Mouse Button drag to pan viewport
*Update selection list after "unselect all wires" + "select "
*Output lower case net descriptor in routes file (KiCAD compatible)

*Sped-up real-time display during routing
*Show pattern styles controls in router strategy dialog
*Shortcut Ctrl+W for Zoom Window and Ctrl+H for Zoom selected
*Take out hard lock nets from completion calculation
*Warn for undefined refdes in user from-to

*Update Eagle script to handle arc path(v2.7)
*Handle net name with space in "DRCs" panel
*Removed internal temp_net from Net panel

*Display ratsnest to power/ground polygons
*Don't uppercase DSN layer names
*Fix placement case with reported length beyond limit

*Internal cleanup update

*Path based oval pad support
*Fix to prevent upper casing of layer name

*Dragging of tracks/vias back to working
*Allow saving of match tolerance < 10%
*DEMO with latest version check at start

*Skipping power/gnd with pattern router
*Display improvement to show power/ground rastnest to split polygon
*Still more tuning for via minimization

*New Pattern Router for faster routing and 20% avg less vias
*Enhanced miter command
*Help/About has a check for latest version

*Differential pair follows width wiring rule hierarchy

*New feature: Interactive Differential Pair Router
*Differential pair autorouter to follow use_layer rule and fence zone
*Updated Eagle ULP

*Net class min/max timing rule re-accounted
*To support incremental flow in placement, unselect component removes items in selection list based on attached connections
*Via padstack in RTE file to contain power/ground shapes

*Reproducable routing results on fresh start condition
*By default all text window output are saved to .log file
*Extended command status_file to specified logfile on disk

*Wrong via cost assignment in constraint editor
*Prevent empty padstack section on save (AD users)

*Constraint editor to override rules defined in DSN file (new commands to delete rules by layer/net/class)

*Improved dragging of routed track/via

*Added sort command to change default order for autorouting (sort length)

*Inconsistent results after second run on some designs

*Tuning of strategy on large designs (see comparison @ home page)
*IR: Added toggle option "Follow Mouse" to route from last mouse path (default) or from starting terminal
*IR: Added toggle option "Push and Shove".Helpful to contour around without pushing
*ReEnforce routing on active layer during guided routing
*Handling of session/design with multiple string quotes definition
*Fix of occasional crash on preselected wires after routing
*Details of routing history report was missing for fanout

v4.50 - (Area Guided Autorouting + Pin limited configurations)
*Added window selection of guides
*Improved wire guide selection, thicker ratline and select attached components
*Added "Route selection on active layer"
*Added "Recorner selection"
*Added "Fanout selection"
*Redesigned Draw Fence feature
*Bug fix: IR of power ground net shapes became invisible

* Autosaving and restore of regions
* Region name and rule restore
* Comand panel enabled by default
* Report of net pair inconsistency and proceed with DSN reading
* Support of filename with multiple dots


* Improved Interative Routing to support 45 degrees rotated pins
* Expanded layout area limits to 4x4 metres
* Added unit context in generated DO files from contraint editor to support unit changes within session
* Sync unit widget with unit command

* Reinstate support for wire and via keepouts within component


* Fixed crash occuring on some condition after unroute all


* Post diff pair IR
* IR add via shortcut working condition
* IR account for spacing against unrouted pads
* Fix crash with "unroute all"

* Improved handling of protected wiring for incremental routing flow

Stable release with IR improvements

* Cycle through layers during IR without interruption
* Corrected display of clearance shadow

* Interactive Contour Router with Push and Shove
* Dynamic Move and Compaction

* Added certified signature for setup, EXE and DLL
* Fixed display of preprotected tracks missing ratline

* Improved routing completion in presence of 45 degrees pre-routes
* Integration with DEX

* Handle hover & report over any angle track

* Polygon properly transformed with pin combining pin rotation and parent comp rotation

* User guide update for select/unselect command syntax
* Polygon visiblity from power layers

* Fix freeze issue with connection having same from and to terminal
* Fix for fanout in presence of mixed layer type

* Show boardout and vias when all signal layers are off
* Increased resolution for Eagle script output
* Eagle ULP changes to auto-region
* Eagle ULP persistent class layer

* Misc fixes for Protect/unprotect/lock/unlock of selected wires from GUI or command

* Added DiffPair Navigator panel
* Cleaner workspace panel management on open/close
* GUI misc consistency cleanup
* Sped up min/max/match length checking
* Fixed some length report overflow

* Select attached nets of selected comp
* Improved diff pair router and checking with small diff_gap
* Recent list increasd to 10, with full name
* Added extra View/Toolbars menu to control their visibility
* Constraint dialog misc cleanup related to diff pair gap
* Redundant shape overlap left over after unroute
* Fix for unprotect all vias
* DSN high speed misc construct support such as vp in fromto's

* Handling dash cmp | pin commands or DSN parser keys

* Improved diff pair routing
* Fixed selection in presence of angled path against pad rect
* Wrong preset of layer visibily in presence of mixed layer type

* Improved Arc support in board outline
* Fixed wrong truncated filename arg
* Turning off modified flag on save only
* Draw via with object via color instead of via shape layer color

ELECTRA v3.2 updates - July 1, 2014

* Enabled in popup menu "Zoom to selected" for panel selected component
* Added control to sort up/down components, nets and class items in Navigator panel
* Constraints Editor handles the clearance by type other than Wire (SMD or Via)
* Autoselect attached wires when selecting component
* Observe all layer visibily and selectabilty status from layer/object panel
* Improved filter in class editor (using Widcard Unix style)
* Added filters to Panelwidget (net, class and comp list)
* Net class editor works with multiples classes (was broken...)
* Added Edit / Delete_All_Fences menu
* "man" command reports an alphabetical list of supported commands
* All commands have syntax reported when invoked with -help argument
* Command parser improved to handle syntax error and unrecognized parameters (unknown net name)
* Updated manual for some typos and missing commands
* Misc updates to user's guide with high speed syntax in command reference
* Adjust against primary screen in presence of multiple display
* Natural sorting on all string list (Navigator, etc...)
* Extended multiple selection on Navigator
* Constraints editor missed the save of via grid changes
* Grid snap control (gridless routing)
* Colors settings stay permanent
* IC10 missing fanout final fix
* Filtering is now case insensitive
* Added menu to "Reset Workspace" to get back windows / toolbar/ panels to their initial state

Last ELECTRA v2 version is v2.9.6

Last ELECTRA v1 version is v1.7.1


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+46-8-4464133 | sales@cadint.se