ELECTRA Autorouter

Adaptive Shape-Based Automation Software Version 8.xx

ELECTRA is a new generation of Shape-Based Autorouting software for PC boards. ELECTRA uses a multi-pass cost-based conflict reduction algorithm to find a routing solution adapting to the natural flow of the nets. Adaptive routing algorithm is the only proven approach to reach high completion rate. ELECTRA gives immediate feedback on the routing progress and conflict reduction rate.

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starting at only €395

  • Guided AutoRouting read tutorial
  • Combined Shape Based and Pattern autorouting
  • Handles complex PCB designs with timing conditions such as min/max length, match length and differential pair constraints
  • CAD plug-in using SPECCTRA DSN format
  • Reasonable cost of ownership
Product Editions Maximum Pins and Signals layers Price
PRO-2L Unlimited pins, 2 signal layers 395 €
PRO-4L Unlimited pins, 4 signal layers 495 €
PRO-6L Unlimited pins, 6 signal layers 745 €
PRO-UL Unlimited pins, 256 signal layers 995 €
PRO-FUL(Floating license) Unlimited pins, 256 signal layers 1295 €
Edition upgrade (2L to 4L, 4L to UL,…)
UPRO_2L_4L 2L to 4L 100 €
UPRO_4L_6L_UL 4L to 6L or 6L to UL 250 €
UPRO_4L_UL 4L to UL 500 €
Update from old version
All enhancements and bug fix updates within the same major release are free. Upgrade is free if previous license was purchased within 6 months prior to the new major release. Beyond that, a version upgrade can be purchased at the following cost:
upgrade of PRO-2L 2L to 2L 95 €
upgrade of PRO-4L 4L to 4L 145 €
upgrade of PRO-6L 6L to 6L 195 €
upgrade of PRO-UL UL to UL 245 €
upgrade of PRO-FUL FULto FUL 325 €
Any configaration upgrade(for licensed version) such as 2L to 4L is available by paying the price difference only
Main New Features since version 1,2
  • Improvement to Shape-based Routing Engine and addition of Pattern Routing providing fast initial routing and 20% less vias in the final results
  • Automatic definition and Routing of Differential Pairs
  • Automatic Lengthening to reach minimum length
  • Constraint Editing with ease
  • Wiring and Clearance rule by layer, net classes and inter-classes
  • Via and use_layer rule by net class
  • Added Area Rules
  • AutoRouting by polygonal fence
  • Real-time Verification of length rules during autorouting
  • Enhanced long diagonal recornering
  • New GUI environment, various object panels, shadow mode and reporting to improve routability analysis

History of Changes

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