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The CAD tool for engineering professionals worldwide: CADint PCB gets the job done without getting in your way. Powerful, fast and stable, yet with an ease of use that gets you productive in a hurry.

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incredible PCB power starting at only SEK

  • Unlimited hierarchical schematic entry
  • Full-featured PCB layout on up to 2 copper layers
  • Additional layers for silkscreen, masks, documentation, etc.
  • Hassle-free generation of Gerber and drill files
  • Flexible print/plot utility
  • View board features and components in 3D from any angle
  • Current version:

Cadint pcb

4L, 6L, and 10L
PCB Editor limited to 4,6 or 10 copper layers current version: Read more

Cadint pcb

Unlimited schematics capture and 32 layers current version: Read more

Cadint pcb

The perfect package for educational purposes current version: Read more

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Design professional PCBs at a fraction of the cost. Most PCB designs today use 10 or fewer copper layers. With CADint's layer-based licensing options you get all the design features of one of the most powerful PC-based PCB design packages on the market today, at a price to match your design needs. You get full design flexibility, since nothing but the number of copper layers is limited.

CADint PCB features such as Bezier curve trace routing, the impedance calculator, the 3D viewer and more will help you bring complex designs to completion.

CADint supports unlimited hierarchical schematic capture. Device and symbol libraries include more than 10,000 components and more than 2,500 footprints. New components can be quickly added with just a few keystrokes by taking advantage of CADint's flexible support for component variants.


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