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CADint PCB - The answer to ALL Your PCB needs

The CAD tool for engineering professionals worldwide: CADint PCB gets the job done without getting in your way. Powerful, fast and stable, yet with an ease of use that gets you productive in a hurry.

Download free CADint PCB (limited version)

Incredible PCB power starting at only SEK 5000

  • Unlimited hierarchical schematic entry
  • Full-featured PCB layout on up to 2 copper layers
  • Additional layers for silkscreen, masks, documentation, etc.
  • Hassle-free generation of Gerber and drill files
  • Flexible print/plot utility
  • View board features and components in 3D from
    any angle

4L, 6L and 10L

PCB Editor limited to 4,6 or 10 copper layers


Unlimited schematics capture and 32 layers



The perfect package for educational purposes


Starting at only €500

  • Adaptive Shape-Based routing technology
  • Multi-pass conflict reduction algorithm
  • SPECCTRA® format support
  • Advanced Rules constraints
  • Reasonable Cost of ownership!
  • Available on Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms

Graphics Card.
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Moving traces
Moving traces
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