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Schematic capture

Take advantage of the nearly unlimited power of CADint schematic capture.
Work with flat or hierarchical designs with an unlimited number of pages of any size. Signals may be defined as local to a page, common to a page and its parent or global. Pages may be easily copied to generate repeated modules in a design. Transfer critical information, such as component placement requirements or signal routing constraints to PCB as component or net properties.

Schematic capture features

  • Free or orthogonal wire and bus routing with automated junction generation
  • Automated bus member annotation
  • 39 drawing layers including 3 symbol drawing layers, 9 object annotation layers, 16 net-related layers and 11 documentation layers
  • Support for alphanumeric pin names.
  • Autopackaging and pin assignment.
  • Design rule checking (fanout, no driver or multiple drivers in net..)
  • Unlimited number of components, nets, nodes, etc. (unless limited by license)


  • Import schematic designs from CadStar, EDwin, EE Designer, Innoveda, P-Cad, and more.
  • Import graphics in DXF or Gerber format.


  • Schematic symbol library with 1500 symbols representing more than 10,000 components
  • Flexible library structure supports generalized component types as well as specific part numbers
  • Powerful library browser with preview, import, export, etc.
  • Graphical symbol and library editors

System features

  • Versatile graphics primitives, including:  line, arc, rectangle, circle, text, polygon  line and arc with definable thickness  filled circle  filled rectangle with definable corner radius
  • Display objects as centerline, outline or filled; in solid or transparent colors
  • Powerful properties/attributes handling
  • Rotate, copy, move, and/or mirror any group of objects
  • Automatic rubber-banding of wires, etc during move, stretch and/or rotate
  • 0.1 micron linear resolution
  • 0.001 degree angular resolution
  • Stepless pan and zoom
  • Context-sensitive (right-click) option menu available during any operation
  • Fully customizable accelerator keys and toolbar.

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